Incentive Brake for Medical Material Imports

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inspected the facility, which will produce medical consumables such as vacuum blood tube, syringe and serum set with domestic facilities and can prevent imports of $ 50 million annually.

Minister Varank visited TTT World within the Sıla Group and received information about the company’s investments.

With the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), it became clear how critical the production of consumables is in the healthcare industry. Benefiting from the investment incentives of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ankara company started production in a short time in this context. Companies that are critical blood supplies vacuum tubes, syringes, drip, needle tip, branül, gloves and aims to reduce dependence on foreign produce blood bags in Turkey. Starting production, the company will follow a 3-phase project and employ 900 people when the investments are completed.

In the first phase, vacuum blood tubes, syringes and serum sets started to be produced. By the end of the year, 450 million vacuum blood tubes, 500 million injectors and 75 million serum sets will be produced.

Thus, these products, which are mostly imported ready-made, will be produced locally. In addition to meeting the need in the domestic market, it is planned to export these items next year.

When the second phase, in which the needle tip, branch and surgical sutures will be localized, it is aimed to produce 1,5 billion needles per year.

In the last phase investment is still not produced domestically will be possible to make blood bags and gloves in Turkey.

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