Turkey's Syringe / Injector, Blood Tube, Serum Set Factory

  Dr.Ihsan SAHIN Sozcu Gazetesi Roportaji   Dr. Ihsan Şahin, President of the Association of HEALTH Investors, said that the coronavinis epidemic could be turned into a great investment opportunity for Turkey, which imports approximately 95 percent of the syringe needles of healthcare equipment. Sahin noted that China has become unable to produce in many areas due to coronavirus. “China. nearly 60 percent of the world’s demand for simple consumables is met alone. Chinese factory. He hasn’t worked for three months. It’s almost off. The genie now wants to import its own mask, injector, medical fibers and disinfectant solution materials. The Turkish medical industry told about the investment opportunities in the health industry at the TTT World plant, which was established by Sıla Group in Gölbaşı with an investment of 500 million Turkish lira to produce health sets such as the most injector, blood tube and IV administration set. We should consider coronavirus as milestone! Dr.Şahin “We need to support domestic industry. In this process, if the public guarantees buying one third or one fifth of the required product for five years, domestic production will increase rapidly.” T.C. İSTANBUL ANADOLU 8. ASLİYE TİCARET MAHKEMESİ’NDEN • He said, “We can turn the virus in our favor. We can easily produce consumables if they are supported and we can acquire 20 percent of the world market in a year.”

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