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Hexavinyl gloves there are also many types of gloves used in many business lines. It is most important to choose the most suitable glove for your line of business, where you can reach these varieties through various sales channels. Gloves, which are of great importance for both the health of the user and the health of the touched goods/food/people and are mandatory for many business lines, have increased their importance in today’s conditions.


As latex gloves, the gloves you see in the sales channels are made especially for health workers and another name is examination gloves. Latex is a liquid secreted by plants found in nature, which solidifies when it encounters air and becomes a milky foam. This liquid, mostly derived from the essence of a rubber plant, adheres to paper surfaces when in this form, but does not cling to the surface in contact with paper when it dries. This substance is also called natural plastic.

Latex gloves, which are often used during cleaning at home, during patient contact in hospitals and during food contact in the food production sector, are used for diseases, dirt, germs, bacteria, etc. it prevents all kinds of harmful substances from infecting the user. Latex gloves, which are easier to use than gloves made of transparent nylon, give a greater sense of tactility, hold maximum on the hand and are more durable, offer both a cheap and practical use experience. Due to the fact that latex causes allergies in some skin, the use of powdered latex gloves that prevent allergies has also become widespread. If you have allergic skin, it is recommended to use powdered latex gloves.

The most common use of latex gloves is in the health and food sector, used by doctors, nurses and veterinarians, and is disposable, replaced with a new one with each patient contact. In the same way people who come into contact with food (food production factories, food packaging, unit employees, restaurant employees, ovens, employees, etc.) latex gloves, which are often used, are of great importance in terms of food and user hygiene. Once used, latex gloves should not be used again. Food industry employees are often recommended to change during the day.

Elements to be considered when buying latex gloves;

Make the channel where you buy the glove reliable,
Although those who are allergic to Protein (latex substance contains protein) prefer latex gloves with a low protein content,
Latex gloves made from Vitril and nitrile substances should not be preferred by those who are allergic to these products,
The glove you buy has a full grip on your wrist, is not loose or too tight,
Not permeable product,
And it has three bodies: Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L), which allow you to buy yourself the right size. that should be considered.


Doğal kauçuk özütünün ihtiva ettiği proteine alerjisi olan kişilerin lateks eldiven yerine Nitril Eldiven kullanması tavsiye edilir. Nitril eldivenler bir çeşit suni latekstir ve yapımında doğal lateks kullanılmaz. Hammaddesi sentetik bir ko-polimer olan akrilonitril butadien’ dir. Nitril eldivenler pudrasız olup, cildi pudra hassasiyeti/alerjisi bulunanlar için tercih edilir. Diğer yandan kullanım alanında pudra olmaması tercih edilen iş sahalarında da sıklıkla kullanılır. Lateks eldivenlere göre 2-3 kat daha dayanıklı bir yapıya sahiptir.

Yırtılma/delinmelere karşı çok daha dayanıklı olup, parmak uçlarındaki pütürler sayesinde dokunduğu yeri daha iyi kavrar ve kayma yapmaz. Ayrıca geniş bir spektrumdaki kimyasallara karşı Lateks eldivenlere göre daha dirençli olup çalışma ortamında kimyasallarla teması sık olan kişilerin tercih ettiği eldivenlerdir. Mavi, turuncu, siyah alternatifleri bulunmaktadır. Mavi nitril eldiven çoğunlukla sağlık sektörü çalışanları tarafından, siyah nitril eldiven gıda sektörü profesyonelleri tarafından, turuncu nitril eldiven kimya sektörü çalışanları tarafından tercih edilir.


As vinyl gloves are not made from natural latex, just like nitrile gloves, they do not contain protein and are suitable for allergic skin types. Its raw material is PVC (Poly Vinyl chloride). Less durable than nitrile gloves, allergen-free than latex gloves. People who have contact with chemicals should not prefer it. It costs less than nitrile and latex gloves and is white in color. Ideal for hygiene, cleaning, food, packaging, packaging, production, dairy and dairy work, meat combinations. It is powder-free and also prevents powder allergy. It does not contain as much elasticity as latex gloves, but its durability is greater.

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