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According to TTT WORLD research conducted by our Vaccine Injector Manufacturing company, the annual syringe use is over 16 billion. Injection applications are applied to patients
from newborn babies and older children from all age groups. To meet this need, our company launched a syringe product. The operating time is less than 24 hours.

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Sterile syringe with hypodermic disposable needle; It has a sterile blister package and a single-ided air permeable feature. A medical device with a grade tank made of polypropylene raw material with a needle in the film. The device has a piston designed for the injection application at the required dosage. Intramuscular, intradermal, and intravenously used for the injection of drug solutions or for the purpose of hydrating from the body. Body contact time is biocompatibility A class (<24h). After the needle in the product is correctly inserted at the tip of the injector, the vaccine or medication solution to be injected is withdrawn by piston and applied to the patient. It must never be reused after application and must be disposed of immediately in the medical waste container.

Our sterile disposable syringes do not have the capability to prevent re-use as in the product, so they should never be reused by the user. Sterile needles and injectors should be stored in clean cabinets or drawers. The injectors used must be disposed of immediately in accordance with the medical waste bucket.

The needle should not be removed manually from the injectors used and no new needles should be worn. The main mechanism of action for disposable syringes and needles is defined as vaccination or drug solution transfer to the human body by intradermal, intramuscular and intravenous means. Materials contain “Medical Class” polypropylene, pharmaceutical grade rubber/latex-free covers, pharmaceutical piston made of polypropylene raw material, pressed by an injection molding and gasket mounted on piston.
After the needles are received, the needles and syringes are collected to perform ethylene oxide sterilization. Contact us for the Vaccine Injector price and more information. Syringes and needles are sterile, nontoxic and apirogenic.

Vaccine Injector Production

Indications: Disposable syringes are used to treat patients in various ways according to the properties of the medicine used. Contraindications: If there is damage to the syringe, needle or primary packaging, it should not be used or expirated. It should not be reused and protective covers should not be opened with mouth.
It is used to give drugs during the injection process. The device has no known contraindication. Our TTT World product groups are separated into hypodermic needles that are individually packaged with different volumes and needle-free ones of sterile Disposable syringes.
There is no feature to prevent reuse in sterile Disposable Syringes and hypodermic needles. The work instructions related to the production and quality control of our product were created based on the Quality Management Systems prepared by our company and our subcontractors. All raw materials and semi-finished products that enter the warehouse are taken to the designated QUARANTINA area in the warehouse.

After the input quality control tests have been performed, the appropriate product is taken to the green designated and defined ACCEPTANCE section, while the non-compliant products are taken to the RED area designated and defined for return. The PP/PE granule, which is made of the raw materials within the acceptance area, goes to the injection machine for the production of body and piston.
Casing and piston are produced by the injection process. Casings are sent to the cerigraphy device for printing. The piston exiting the syringe is sent to the assembly machine to be assembled with the casing from the sequence and the gasket. The gasket and piston are combined with the printed rotating table. Switch to the gasketed piston casing via the pressure plate/mengene unit.

The products from the assembly unit are discharged to the blowdown supply tank. The injectors come into the paper section in rolls. The paper section is adjusted to stick to the film. The movie sticks to paper after it is molded. Injectors packaged with inner and outer boxes are sterilized in the sterilization machine. It is stored for shipment after the test approval.

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