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Blood Collection Tube with K2 K3 Edta

Blood Collection Tube with K2 K3 Edta blood tubes, which are indispensable in health applications and provide accurate data, vary depending on their use. Proper supply and use of tubes that differ depending on the region from which the blood will be taken or from the region where the sample tissue will be taken is important for healthy application.Juliette:

K2 K3 Edta Blood Collection Tube is used in Cross match Analysis in hematology tests. In addition, there are different uses. Blood Collection Tube with K2 K3 Edta is also preferred when taking samples from the uterine area. A smear test can be used safely in cervical tissue testing, and these tubes have the potential and argument that the tests are also easy to perform.


What are the features of K2 K3 Edta Blood Collection Tube?

Designed on a numerical index, this medical product ensures that the tubes are easily separated during blood intake and analysis, while also eliminating the risk of shedding by its structure.

Blood tubes, which are produced with Anti-coagulant fluid, provide a solid protection of the sample blood.

Due to dipotasium ethylenediaminetetra acetic acid, the tube is especially preferred for Hematology whole blood test, platelet, lymphocyte, basophil tests. K2 K3 Edta Blood Collection Tube can be produced in vacuum, vacuum, gel-containing form.

How Are Blood Tubes With EDTA Properties Distinguished?

Blood tubes are separated differently according to the test to be performed. The tube color and specification determined for each test is different. For this reason, the separation of tubes according to the tests is made with separations such as Cap colors, vacuum properties or not.

ETDA tubes have distinctive features. It is possible to recognize these small but professional medical products, which are especially preferred for Hematology and valuable blood tests, by the color of the cover. Blood tubes with ETDA are produced with a Purple Cap color.

What Are The Types Of Blood Tubes?

Blood tubes are produced in many different types according to the procedure to be applied and the test to be performed. By emphasizing that these differences in use and during application provide great convenience to health workers, let’s give a ranking of the laboratory tubes used in the current one:

  • It is used for citrate plasma coagulation tests. It has a vacuum structure and is produced as a citrate tube with a blue lid.
  • Tubes with ETDA are used for whole blood tests. It is produced with a purple cap.
  • One of the blood tubes produced in medical form from vacuum plastic is the standard blood tube with a yellow cap.
  • Another blood tube is produced with sodium fluoride with a gray cap and vacuum.


TTT World Medical Products with high quality

The quality of medical products is one of the elements that increases the comfort of the application and the patient. Therefore, TTT world performs work without decrying ease of use and quality in its productions. EDTA tubes, which are a type of blood collection tubes within the production, are designed for single use. There are vacuum, non-vacuum and gel types. The volume of each tube is determined in different forms according to the process to be applied, and production is carried out in each requested volume.

The fact that blood tubes produced in our company can be produced with the privilege of pre-barcode labels is another important distinguishing point that allows health institutions and organizations to easily advance in the automation system. Click here for syringe production information.

Leading service in medical

TTT Word is a factory where medical products are produced with high quality standards and high performance at the same rate.

We are very proud to be manufacturing with a high efficiency in the medical industry and to offer support to the health sector in this respect. You can provide Serum sets, blood collection tubes and medical devices necessary for direct application through us.

Each organization is informed about the use and principles of use of products and detailed promotion is made. We are happy to see all institutions that want to closely follow the developing technology in health and trade at a rate close to zero risk.

All of our products are produced nationally and locally. Thanks to our brand, which is the pride of Turkey, which has proven itself in the health sector for a hundred years, we also produce our own equipment.

Because all of our products are produced in a bio-compatible format, your risk of problems such as chemical reaction, allergic reaction, is minimized.

While we continue to produce for the health and comfort of Turkey, we offer you Services with a superior production performance every day, not leaving innovation behind.

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