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Vacuum Clot Activator Tubes

Vacuum clot activator tubes are tubes used in the process of blood collection from the vein in hospitals and health January. The inner surface of the tube is covered with sprayed and dried clot activators to accelerate blood clotting. In this way, the blood taken can easily clot.


Features Of Vacuum Clot Activator Tubes

  • Vacuum blood collection tubes are all made for single use.
  • It can be produced and supplied in the desired volume and sizes by the company.
  • Clot activator inside the tube, silicon oxide, etc. substances are used.
  • As TTT World, we can also produce tubes with prebarkodlu labels on request.
  • The area of use of these tubes is mostly clinical chemistry laboratory.
  • As a Serum tube, it is used for testing in many areas such as biochemistry, serology, hormone, immunology, microbiology and blood bank.

How Is The Recommended Tube Order During Blood Intake?

A certain system is followed during the blood collection process from the patient. For this reason, non-additive tubes should be used for blood culture in the first stage. These are vacuum tubes with red or yellow caps. Blood is then taken from the patient using coagulation tubes with a blue cap containing citrate, again with a red or yellow cap containing gel, tubes with a green cap containing heparin, hemogram tubes with a purple cap yesilat-fluoride and finally with a gray cap.


What To Do After Blood Removal

Vacuum clot Activator tubes if you have taken blood with trace element tubes, be sure to turn the tube upside down after the blood collection process. On all tubes, the patient’s name, surname, identification number, Day and time of blood intake should be written. After the Test is checked with the request form, the tubes can be sent to the laboratory. Before separating the blood, the tubes with red and yellow caps should be left in an upright position for a maximum of 20 minutes to clot the blood.


How About Sample Preparation With Vacuum Clot Activator Tubes?

These tubes are also used to prepare serum samples, while blood is mostly taken at a rate of 2 times the amount given. For example, 6 ml of blood is taken for 3 mL of serum. After blood is taken from the patient, it is transferred to special serum tubes. In order to activate the clot activator inside the tube, it is slightly inverted 4-5 times. After this procedure, the tubes are set aside upright and left for 60 minutes to clot the blood. If the gel tube is not used as a result of a mishap, it is transferred to the separated serum transfer tubes or to another serum tube with a proper serum label. After this process, the sample can be transferred or stored.

Features To Consider In Tubes

Each tube produced has a certain expiration date. This date should be noted. Otherwise, the effects of the vacuum are reduced and the silicone contained in the lid may break down, losing its function. Blood must be placed in the tubes at the specified rate during blood intake. Although the tubes used are disposable tubes, it should be checked whether they are sterile.


Blood collection tubes with TTT World difference

We wrap and pack vacuum blood collection tubes that we produce in sterile packaging of 100 pieces. We always put the user guide and labels of our tubes on our boxes, which we accept as a transport unit, and inform the companies in the most accurate way in order to avoid confusion. All the tubes we produce are manufactured to be single use in accordance with their own areas of use. In this way, blood collection is performed easily without extra effort. Vacuum Clot Activator Tubes

We are working for your health without compromising our quality for a day by using years of experience. We always follow the latest developments in the sector and improve ourselves and decouple the difference between us and our competitors. As a result of the deciduous work of our expert team-mates on this path, which we come out with the motto of quality in health, we have taken our place among the leading companies in Turkey.

From production to marketing point, we make our name mentioned not only at home but also abroad, and we manage to reach a strong position in this competitive environment. Not only in blood collection tubes, but also all the medical materials we produce, we make the best of our difference.

Our tubes are manufactured in completely sterile environments and have received quality assurance approval from the Turkish Standards Institute and are all disposable. It can be optionally produced with a prebarkode. In addition, because our products are bio-compatible, they do not cause a chemical reaction in your body.

As TTT World, your health is our priority on this path, which we have come out with completely domestic and national production.

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